Software development engineering



Salary range:


Experience requirements:


Minimum education:

Junior college

Nature of work:


Number of recruits:


Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in computer, software engineering, information management;

2. Familiar with information planning, project management, ERP supply chain and production and manufacturing process, proficient in supply chain module and production and manufacturing module in ERP;

3, 3, above programming, software development related work experience, MES related system management experience is preferred;

4, Proficient in using a development tool, at least one computer language (JAVA, C#, VB), python development experience is preferred;

5. Familiar with at least one mainstream relational database system, and proficient in the development of SQL language;

6. Experience in large-scale software development or ERP system secondary development, familiar with cross-system interface development experience is preferred;

7. Passionate about software development and implementation, good communication and coordination skills, and able to listen to others' opinions.

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