【Reprint】Fully Engaged in promoting the listing of enterprise !

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2023-05-20 09:09

The spring in Huancui is full of vitality and vigor, which not only can be found in the fields of hope, but also in the construction sites of major projects and the production workshops of enterprises.

On April 11, the 14th review meeting of the 2022 Beijing Stock Exchange Listing Committee brought good news: Weihai Bangde passed successfully. So far, Bangde has taken a key step towards the listing of the company. The news is like a spring thunder, cutting through the gloom of the epidemic, which is extraordinarily uplifting.


"We really have to thank the city, district and town governments at all levels for their strong support in successfully passing the meeting this time! If not for the proactive services of government departments, our listing process would not have been so smooth." Sheng Hongchun, the financial director of Bangde shares, excitedly remarked and complimented the precise and comprehensive services the government provided to the enterprise during this epidemic.

According to the plan, Bangde needed to invite experts from other cities to attend the review meeting together. However, the sudden outbreak disrupted the company's plans and put them in a momentary state of passivity. "We were all going to fight the unprepared battle, but Mayor Bi Xiuwei called every day to ask us how far we had proceeded and whether we had encountered any difficulties, so I talked to her about it, and I didn't expect her to immediately say she would help us think of a solution." Sheng Hongchun said.


The epidemic cannot stop the pace of service. Party secretary Liu Yukai of Qiaotou town personally went to the factory to help design independently enclosed space, ensuring that intermediary experts can live in separated single rooms. He also contacted the district transportation development center in advance to specifically design the transportation route, and transmitted eight experts to the factory area directly, of which strictly adhere to the epidemic prevention policy while securing the review meeting.

"In order to help companies go public, we are doing our best in every matter!" This is what Bi Xiuwei said and did. In the process of listing, the issuance of "compliance certificate" is one of the most involved departments, and enterprises run through as many as a dozen departments in preparing materials, which is very time consuming. "We can issue the 'compliance certificate' with little effort." Sheng Hongchun said with pride, knowing that the enterprise needed to issue a "compliance certificate", Bi Xiuwei started to help. With the city and district local financial supervision bureau to take up the responsibility of docking various departments, with practical, pragmatic work, the "acceleration" of the listing of enterprises was achieved through practical and pragmatic work.


Facing such a complex and systematic project as listing, Bangde is full of confidence because of the guidance, cooperation, and support from the government. The city and district local financial supervisory bureaus sent special personnel to follow up the whole process in real time, invited experts from brokerage firms to carry out "one-to-one" guidance, and actively coordinated with relevant functional departments to provide "nanny" services for the whole cycle of listing. At the same time, after the official acceptance of the enterprise listing materials, the organization immediately declared the provincial and district level subsidy funds of 1.58 million yuan, significantly increasing the strength and precision of the reward.

The government serves with heart and soul, in exchange for the enterprise's full commitment. Since settling in Weihai in 2008, Bangde has grown into one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive condensers. After more than ten years of development in this beautiful land of Huancui, it is expected to be the first listed company in Huancui District on Beijing Stock Exchange. "After the fund-raising, we will make every effort to build the heat exchanger digital production project (Phase I) and a new R&D center project, in return to investors and contribute to the regional development." Sheng Hongchun said.


At the moment, thanks to the efforts of the district and town governments, Bangde is strictly complying with the epidemic prevention regulations, producing in an orderly manner. Sheng Hongchun truly commented, "After the epidemic, leaders at all levels personally went to our enterprise and helped us solve the practical difficulties of labor, transportation and prevention materials, which provided a strong guarantee to the production of the enterprise. This makes us once again deeply feel the first-class service of Huancui District and reinforces our confidence of developing and innovating in Huancui District.

In crisis we seek for opportunities. The government in Huancui District coordinated comprehensively during the epidemic, adhered to strict regulation while enthusiastically helping businesses solve problem, and ensured the flow of economy cycle, which sped up economic recovery and promoted the development.

It is rather complicated to promote the development of society and economy while controlling the prevention of epidemic. However, by implementing macro policy and micromanaging, the government of Huancui District supports more companies like Bangde to have a stable and healthy development.

Source:Public Account “Huancui,Weihai,China”